Seven Card Stud Poker Starting Hand Strategy

At this point players receive two cards face down and one face up, so almost half the amount of cards you normally get during the entire game. The starting hand rings the bell for trying to figure out a good strategy. Gamblers having received poor cards hope for an improvement during the next rounds.

They are usually afraid of split pairs and concealed pairs.
A strong starting hand offers the opportunity to surprise the opponents by acting as quickly as possible. Only confidence allows you to call a raise on a starting hand. This is a secret strategy that doesn’t always work, but is worth a try on certain occasions.

You must have noticed that the most common wins are on 2 pairs. Playing low connectors is a good way of getting a lot of action on your initial hand, especially when you are in the possession of 2 pairs of a kind. Beware of opponents who might show off a full house or a higher hand than yours, but this does not necessarily mean failure, you can still chase the pot depending on your upcoming cards.

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