Poker Player Profile: Barry Greenstein

Poker Player Profile: Barry Greenstein learned the game of poker by his father’s knees when he was still a child. The early lessons that he learned in the game has remained with him for long and this is one of the reasons why he has been able to earn name and fame in the realm of the poker world.

Barry Greenstein

Barry Greenstein lives in Chicago and it is his hometown as well. He remains until today a great army card player. Although Barry Greenstein has a degree in computer science from the University of Illinois he prefers to play poker full time. Before that he did work at Symantec and then retired at the age of 36 to take up playing poker not only as a profession but a passionate one at that. He has also upped his education since then and has got himself a doctorate degree as well. That is quite a commendable academic background for someone who is playing poker in the big league and for a living now.

Barry Greenstein differs greatly from the other poker stars as most of his wins he does not take for himself but donates to his favorite charities. This is what has earned him the most coveted of nicknames called the Robin hood of the game of poker. He has also got a book to his credit called the Ace on the River which was a book that has motivated several other poker players on the path to success. So far, the wins that Barry Greenstein has been able to get for himself have amounted to as many as over 7,5000,000 millions of dollars. He continues to remain first place finishes at 12. At the WSOP Bracelet he was at 3.

Barry Greenstein is single and has six children including poker professional Joe Seebock. The hobbies that Barry Greenstein has are online bridge. Before that he loved the game of golf. His lifetime ambition at one point of time was to become an M.D. and find out the cure for the different kinds of diseases that come by people’s ways. However, now of course he has given up on it and all his time is taken up by poker and how to better himself at the game. He loves spending time at home just pottering around at times. He hates war and hatred and loves to help children in need. That is the reason most of his earnings are donated to the several charities that he is a part of. He’s convinced quite a few other poker professionals to start charitable works – and players like Jennifer Harman call him an inspiration.

Besides being an excellent ace player in the game of poker, Barry Greenstein continues to remain a wonderful human being as well. He does respect quite a few of his opponents but wouldn’t like to name any of them. The latest win by Barry Greenstein was for $16,120 in the Festa Al Lago WPT Season 9. The place that he stood at was 38th. He has played poker all over the globe be it Europe or Australia and come out a winner.

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