Here’s an Ultimate Guide on how to play poker?

Poker is one of the most exciting games. All poker games involve gambling. The players put stakes on some objects or a specific outcome of a game. If the output is in favor of the player, the player wins the bet. It will get financial benefits for the player. The question of ‘how to play poker‘ has two answers. One way of playing poker is by going to the brick and mortar casinos. The second way is online poker. The concept of online poker is entirely novel and exciting. The poker online is played from within the comforts of your home, or you can play it on the go, even while traveling. 

All about the Types of Poker Games

There are apps and websites dedicated to playing poker games. Some of them are given below.

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Seven-card Stud
  • Omaha
  • Chinese Poker
  • 2-7 Triple Draw

Let’s know in detail about these types of poker games.

1.      Texas Hold’em:

It is the most famous type of poker. The rules are pretty simple, and one can gain huge profits if played well. The popularity of this game can be attributed to its ease of playing and hand-ranking.

This type of poker is played in various tournaments of poker conducted worldwide, like the World Poker Tour, World Series of Poker, and the European Poker Tour. In Texas Hold’em, the player has to make the best possible poker hand of five cards.

2.      Seven Card Stud:

This game can be played with a minimum of two players and a maximum of eight players. It is one of those poker games which require the right concentration on the cards of the opponents. This type of poker is one of the most popular poker variations in the United States (US).

Every player gets seven cards out of which he/she has to design the best possible hand with five cards. The best side is the royal flush, and the worst hand is the high card hand, which has no pair.

3.      Omaha:

Over the last decade, this variant of poker has gained immense popularity. Omaha also has some sub-variants. Two of the most popular sub-variants are Omaha hi-lo and pot-limit Omaha. The pot-limit Omaha (PLO) is probably the most accessible variant of the league.

This game is played with a deck of 52 French cards. If you are playing it in an old-fashioned way, you will need pennies, buttons, and beans. If you are playing it the modern style, you will need a dealer button, two blind buttons, and poker chips.

4.      Chinese Poker:

There are two variants of Chinese poker. One is the Open Face Chinese poker (OFC), and the other is the regular Closed Face Chinese poker. The players play with a deck of 52 cards.

At the end of the game, each player will have 13 cards arranged in three hands- top, middle, and bottom. During the rounds of play, there are no bets placed. Instead, the players play on a per-point basis.

5.      2-7 Triple Draw:

This game is dealt with five cards per player. The goal of every player is to make the lowest possible hand with these cards. The competition included five rounds of betting and three draws.

After every draw, the player can discard the useless cards and then replace them with new cards. After the final draw and the last round of betting, the hand rankings determine who wins the game.

Five Tips to Beat Small-Stakes Online Poker Tournaments

The small-stakes online poker tournaments have some crucial tips and poker rules which, if one follows, he/she will secure a great win. Here are some of them.

●       Be prepared for some swings:

Small-stake poker games have many opponents. It can be exciting and recreational for long sessions. However, it can be tedious in a small-stake game. The predictability of the outcomes is very less, and this leads to unpredictable swings in the game. One should be prepared for this.

●       Brace yourself up for a long session:

The small-stake poker games might extend up to extended hours. Many of the low buy-in and big-field tournaments consume several hours to complete. If you have any other commitments or need to go to work the next day early in the morning, you should reconsider indulging in this game.

●       Listen to betting and prepare to lay down some big hands:

The player should always be attentive and listen to what bets the other players are making. It will give you an idea of what move you should do to achieve success. You might also need to lay down some big hands to win some big bets.

  • Don’t worry about a balanced style of play:

People often say that players should maintain a balanced style of play. They should not reveal their strategies and should change their actions from time to time. There should not be an observable pattern in your game. However, there are fewer chances of getting the same opponents again. Hence, it is not necessary to change your playing style every single time.

●       Keep your game simple:

You should not indulge in elaborate bluffing since that can cause great harm. You should rather know the real value of your hands and then bet on them. You should follow the simple poker rules and not make the game too complicated.

Mixed Game Tips

After a session of tips on small-stake poker games, we will move on to the mixed game tips for poker games, including poker online free. Given below are some of them.

  • In the Omaha hi-lo game, you get four cards instead of two to make hands. You should guess which cards your opponents could have and act accordingly. You also need to think of the availability of low-qualifying boards and the possibilities of two-way options.
  • If you are well-versed with probability, then Razz is for you. It is a form of stud poker. It has some math involved in it, which will need a basic likelihood to predict the outcomes.
  • The seven-card stud also involves some math and knowledge of probability. Here, one also needs to understand straights and suits. This game will enhance your hand-reading ability and memory.
  • The seven-card stud hi-lo game is the stricter version of seven-stud poker. It is difficult because you need to understand who has the low-eligible boards and who doesn’t. You also need to look for two-way hands.

Live Poker Rules and Procedures

Live poker and free online poker games are not that difficult. You can win this game with some small help from the dealers as well. Dealers are happy to help with rules and regulations. It is just that they won’t play your hands.

  • You should keep your cards so that the dealer can see them, but the opponents cannot.
  • It is best to stay silent when the current hand is being played and say ‘raise’ only when you throw your oversized chips.
  • Dealers often help with how to play poker and give you warnings if you violate any rule. You can also give the dealer a tip if you win a pot so that he/she will happily help you the next time. 


Playing online poker is a matter of fun and interest. You need to know some basic information and tips to play poker to win a pot.  

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